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Shaw's Nightmare is a DOS 3D game by Mickey Productions. It uses the BUILD engine by Ken Silverman.
You are Shaw. You were reading a book then you fell asleep. Suddenly, 
your headphones start picking up strange sounds: static, men yelling orders, 
screams, bones cracking and finally silence. Then a hole grew and you are 
sucked into it.
Things aren't looking too good. You have never been alone in your life.
Plus you don't have your father's guns. If only you could get a hold of a
rapid catapult or a camera gun, you could protect yourself.
Suddenly a scout boy comes and you stabbed him with a nearby knife. Then
angry growls arose. They know you're here. There's no turning back.
Fotom Pak screenshots
SNFP.ZIP: The latest version.
SNSRC.ZIP: The source code.
SETUPSRC.ZIP: Source code of the SETUP program
SNTL.ZIP: The tools.
WINSHAW.ZIP: The Windows version.
Alphas and betas:
NOTE: I do not support these versions.
SN0_1.ZIP: tech demo.
SN0_3.ZIP: alpha 0.3 alpha 0.6
SNBETA.ZIP: Beta 0.91 December 2012 alpha.
SN0_99.ZIP: 0.99 demo
SN1_3.ZIP: This is the earliest version that has Shaw's Nightmare II code.
WINSN.ZIP: WinSN beta #1.
WINSN2.ZIP: WinSN beta #2.
2008ART.ZIP: Art files from 2008.
SNG2MIDI.ZIP: .SNG to .MID converter
DATVIEW.ZIP: DAT file explorer
SNART.ZIP: Art bases from Autodesk Animator Pro.
SNART2.ZIP: More art bases
SNMAPS.ZIP: All maps of Shaw's Nightmare 1 and 2 including unreleased maps and old backups.
SNSLIDE.ZIP: 2012 slideshow.
SNTL_SRC.ZIP: Tools source code.
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